Shadowrun - Dunkelzahn is dead

The first run

Red Rover calls each character and invites them to a meet with a Mr. Johnson for a potential job. She indicates that the job pays ok and that it is a simple B&E.
The meet is at Club Penumbra, at 11 pm that evening, a Club in Seattle that caters to Shadowrunners and is a typical place for meeting with potential employers.

The Meeting with Mr. Johnson goes well. The groups takes the job. It is a B&E to grab four boxes and deliver them to a meeting point just inside the northern part of the Redmond barrens just south of the I522 and I9 intersection.
Job pay was reasonable at 4000 nuyen each, 1000 each up front, plus a total of 29,000 nuyen for expenses (25,000 plus a 4000 vehicle allowance.)
Boxes are located in a warehouse in Everett just north of downtown near the docks.
Given a number to call when the boxes have been acquired so that the meet can take place.
Also, 4 bar codes are given to the team in order to find and identify the locations of the boxes inside the warehouse..
Wants the boxes delivered within 7 days.


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