Shadowrun - Dunkelzahn is dead

Dr. Windham Extraction day 2
A plan develops...

Day 2 – Extraction happens tomorrow

Sent flowers
100 Nuyen
Surveil while she gets them
Baby Finn has drones up

That night
Get a disguise kit – to be Elf poser
100 Y Nuyen
Fashionably late – 9 or 10 pm
Take s little while to find her
She is with a group of 6 girl friends
One friend appears high end poser
Been here a while and need drinks
Yankee finds a table with view of them
Orders drink for self and girls
20 + 60 Nuyen for drinks
She comes over to table
Yankee greets her in Sperethiel
Talk her up
“Would been here sooner but job got in the way”
Recently relocated from Europe
Stories (funny ones) about job in Tir Tairngire
Stories lead to things she might be able to tell about the security
Needs two guards to go to rest room
Shelia introduces Yankee to BFF Barbara
Barbara says the friends are going to Club Penumbra
Shelia stays she’ll stay
Tells of lock down two month ago
She was escorted into security room
Security doors come down
Caused by hacker
Tells of how panic button is now covered
Due to fired receptionist accidental pushing
Guards check deliveries
Yamazaki check on detectors in doors?
We didn’t see any in our footage
She gives comm code

The “Plan”:
Send in flowers with neuro-stun gernades radio controlled
Nom and Grok – One is a trainee
NeuroStun 10 – 8S stun damage – resisted by body
Seven7 – causes 10D physical wounds
Colorless, odorless gas?
Yes, to both
Fast enough?
No, next combat round
Narcojet faster?
Not really
Grenade delivery?
Grok can create an SBD delivery device
Need antidote
Patch at R8
Helps resist Body test target number 2
Nom and Grok will be wearing them when they walk in with flowers
Send in chem suited people to get doctor?
Won’t need to be suited with antidote patches
Tranq patch those in reception?
Yes if need be
Van decorated as delivery van
Prepared to blow doors open if need be
Grok will create 2 shaped charges
Other more quite option?
Grok can come up with thermite / welding strip lock doors
Leading into reception from building x2
Rotating door
Can Yamazaki Loop the cameras?
Depends on whether there is a Spider
There is a security decker
He wants to try to put a backdoor in ahead of time
Tell him about intrusion a couple months ago
Yamazaki found deckers who did a data steal
They purposely hit lock down on their way out
Cyber security has been beefed up a little
One of the deckers said they used a backdoor
It was still there a short time after the hack
Said security inside was still lax once inside
Backdoor was closed later
Reception area
Has metal doors that open into the reception area
Can we spike or spot weld these?
Yes, we can!
Spinning door is glass
Wind Spirit could make door spin faster or slower
We can also spot weld it
Side windows are slightly tinted
Spells can be cast through the windows

Weather should be overcast and cool Shopping List: 60K Y expense acct Getting these items by tonight 3200 Y Antidote Patches R8 x4 = 8 * 50 * 2 * 4 2400 Y Tranq Patches R10 x6 3 for each Grok and Nom = 10 * 20 * 2 * 6 100 Y Flowers 2000 Y Van Decorations – magnetic 2000 Y Welding Strips x6 4500 Y Expendable Spell Focus for Karko R3 = 3 * 1500 Getting these by 7AM tomorrow 7500 Y Bomb equipment – Detonators and such Should be ok time wise = 5 * 1000 + 2500 100 Y Disguise Kit 80 Y Clubbing 21880 Y Total Karko will summon (big) Wind Spirit tomorrow morning
Surveilance and the Call with Dr. Windham
Pre Run2 continued

We figured out the details of “rigging” the Land Rover during our pre-run 2 down time.

At the start of Run 2…

Yamizake contacted to find out what he can.
Baby Finn to do bumblebee with Priscilla overwatch
Karko to do an astral projection sweep

And what we find out:

Baby Finn:
Short drive. Decent size parking lot. Building is circular with two offshoots. Main entrance where the two offshoots come together.
Opposite parking is green space.
No loading dock.
Small windows, don’t open.
Main floor has emergency exits (exit only).
Only the main floor conference, main entrance and cafeteria have large windows.
No equipment type towers on top.
One roof door at center of building.
~20 cars in parking lot. Mostly Ford Americar. One limo. One other.
Main reception has several people. Receptionist. Security guard. At least one other at the time.

There’s a watcher spirit on on the upper floor. Force 1 alarm type spirit.
Both fountains have some kind of spirit presence.
The dotted area on the map, plants have some astral presence as well.
The roof appears to have something living over the entire top.

Yankee contacts one of his people to find out more about the receptionist (Baby Finn provided pic and nametag = Sheila Walters)
Contact says she is not married.
Her picture shows pointy ears but otherwise just appears human (elf poser).

Research facility only. No “product” per se.
Has blue prints, 5 years old. Only show 1 level down.
All the researchers live off site.
Apartments are central above ground.
Most recent job posting a year old. Masters level research lackey. Chemistry, physics and parazoology.
Once Japanese, now Russian held. Fairly tolerant of meta-humans.

Later on gets back to us with more about Sheila Walters…
She hangs out in rough bars, elf poser (for sure). There’s an elf-poser low level go gang she hangs with. Equilibrium club one of her fav spots.

Yamizake suspects that there’s a rigger actively working the building.
The camera’s appear to be panning.

The job posting is still on the matrix.
Grok/Yamizake to work up a fake application for the job trying to get an interview and get on site. Burning his middle SIN for this.

Phone call Qs:

1) How do the sleeping arrangements work? Where? Cattle door thing about? Brief case with her then? Free reign to move about at night? Etc.
She’s on the 2nd floor. Directly over reception/security. Allowed to move around. Fairly free reign. 2nd floor guard station and hourly patrol.
Security on the 1st floor is constantly moving.
Wouldn’t be easy to gather the materials without the briefcase. Won’t get the briefcase until the morning of.

2) Tracking devices on her?
Yes. She has a way to deal with it, but will require assistance. Electronics and first aid.

3) What does she know about the fountains and plants?
picnic area perimeter guarded by plant howlers.
the fountains tie to a natural water aquifer, free spirits live in the water.

4) If we are stuck with the day of, what does she know about her schedule and location for that day?
gets briefcase 8 am
goes to lab
gets stuff, will take 2 hours
gets picked up at 10:30
leaves lab at 10
waits in reception area with 2 person escort plus normal reception guard.
Likely the security mage will be active as well (she tends to be paranoid) has 2 fire 2 earth bound at all times

Jonas could be a problem if he’s on duty (slow processing air locks)

5) Rigger/spider in the building? Where located?
Yes, but no longer employed, the position is “open”

6) Anything else about the magical defenses she might know.
main floor, 8 guards
magic security tighter at night, 1 resident mage, at night 2 spirits (earth, fire), 3 watcher spirits
during the day the watcher spirits are hers.

7) Daily schedule
next two days 10am – 8pm

8) Who’s limo was outside? VP of security was there without her knowledge.

9) Security pick up details, how do they work?
Nightsky pickup with 4 security (2 hers, 2 theirs) and a heavy bodyguard (troll, Charles, symmetrical horns, heavy accent, Italian). Driver/rigger.
With briefcase, also 2 escort cars. Black SUVs Nissan Holden Brumbees, tinted windows. Probably 2 people each.

So the rough plan we come up with is:

Have Yankee try to hit on receptionist at the club, then follow up with flowers “delivered” to her.
Have remote triggerable inhaled neuro toxin planted in the flowers.
Have another delivery mock truck (medical supplies?) return when we see (via drone) Dr. come into the reception area.
Trigger the neuro toxin to knock everyone in reception out as the “delivery” person is approaching.
“Deliver” person walks in and picks up dr. and takes her out. In the back of the truck we wake her up and do the surgery on her hand an leave.


Meet Yamizake at Dantes Inferno
Yamizake says Ripley was a former employee of Ares, doing bio research on interfering with eyes and ears
But couldn’t find out more about that research due to nasty black ice
The Mr. Johnson who took Ripley’s stuff works for a Aztech (competitor or Ares).

2 weeks go by before we hear from him again (or before he responds to contacts)
Ripley was unceremoniously fired from Ares for researching unscrupulous things, like magically active toxins
Perhaps an offshoot of the HMMV virus, something specific to trolls

5 days later, text from Red Rover, potential job
Willing extraction, R&D facility in Bellevue, PHD scientist (female), corp is Yamatetsu, working for Renraku
probably ball park of 15KY each
Yankee (Andy/face) requests we set up the initial meet at Penumbra
Standard suit human, flaming red hair, meets us there.
extraction needs to happen within 3 days
We agree to do it
Dr. Sherree Windham: Magically active hermetic mage; chemical engineering/parazoology
Will be carrying a lead lined brief case, imperative.
Strict lock down other than meetings downtown.
Will be heading to one 3 days from now, but the escort will be extremely tight.
But prior to pick up she’ll be waiting in the main level prior to pick up – though how far ahead of time in question.
On the main level she’ll likely be guarded by 2 body guards. SMGs and melee.
Overall bodyguard count… Probably at least 6 on the main floor.
Most of her colleagues are magically active. She’s the head. Her research fellows will not likely put up any resistance.
There is a person above her likely to be magically active.
At least one on-site mage in the security force.
He gives us a data chip with her disposable one shot comm link code, map of the main floor, and comm code for negotiating the exchange
We have 24 hours to figure out what that conversation should be about.
2 floors above ground, 6 below. Her lab is 5 below ground.
Initial offer… 25KY each, 50KY expense account
Negotiated offer… 27.5KY each, 60KY expense account, 7.5KY up front each

Planning for the first run as a group

Two sessions of planning are very fruitful.
Group hires a decker named Yamazaki on the recommendation of Red Rover.
He proves some initial skill by giving the group some intel on the area surrounding the warehouse in question. Some Aztechnology warehouses to the north that are heavily guarded the they need to avoid especially airspace as the Azzies shoot first and ask no questions.

The warehouse is owned by Universal Vision and Audio which is a owned indirectly by Renraku.

Yamazaki continues to earn his fees by learning of the security shift changes at 10 am and 10 pm. In addition, he is able to insert a backdoor into the system. He found a schedule of deliveries over the next week and will be able to move the boxes in question into a pick up that the group will utilize to make it look most legitimate.

Not wanting to to use deadly force unless absolutely necessary, the group acquires two dart pistols with 10 rounds each of narcojet along with 20 does of Neuro stun IX and 6 dose of Neurostun X. Half of the doses of each are in vials for pouring out and half are as capsule rounds for heavy pistols in the group.
Also acquired is an inconspicuous respirator for the person pouring the neurostun into the delivery truck’s cabin air intake.
The plan so far is the following:
1) follow the delivery truck and ambush it using a spirit accident in front, and incompacitating the driver and passenger and taking over the truck.
2) continue to the warehouse with Grok and Karko driving the truck armed with the dart pistols and/or neurostun capsule rounds.
3) obtain the goods plus the extra booty and then transfer to another truck and make delivery to Mr Johnson.

Yamazaki after taking some more time in the matrix system of the warehouse has the following additional information for the group.
1) there are a total of 5 guards on duty in the warehouse. 4 grunts and one captain.
2) collateral personnel includes a receptionist, a manager, and 5 wage slave workers who prep and move around the inventory of the warehouse.
3) there is a panic button at the receptionist’s desk, the security station and the manager’s office.
He should be able to block the outgoing panic button for a period of time if it comes to that but it will not be indefinite.
Lone Star response time in the area is 8 to10 minutes and corporate backup is no more than 5 minutes away.
He has been able to adjust the pickup of the schedule run that arrives at the warehouse at 3 pm on Thursday.there is a pickup scheduled just before and a delivery to the warehouse at the same time as this one that should provide a little extra distraction for security.

The first run

Red Rover calls each character and invites them to a meet with a Mr. Johnson for a potential job. She indicates that the job pays ok and that it is a simple B&E.
The meet is at Club Penumbra, at 11 pm that evening, a Club in Seattle that caters to Shadowrunners and is a typical place for meeting with potential employers.

The Meeting with Mr. Johnson goes well. The groups takes the job. It is a B&E to grab four boxes and deliver them to a meeting point just inside the northern part of the Redmond barrens just south of the I522 and I9 intersection.
Job pay was reasonable at 4000 nuyen each, 1000 each up front, plus a total of 29,000 nuyen for expenses (25,000 plus a 4000 vehicle allowance.)
Boxes are located in a warehouse in Everett just north of downtown near the docks.
Given a number to call when the boxes have been acquired so that the meet can take place.
Also, 4 bar codes are given to the team in order to find and identify the locations of the boxes inside the warehouse..
Wants the boxes delivered within 7 days.

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