Shadowrun - Dunkelzahn is dead

Planning for the first run as a group

Two sessions of planning are very fruitful.
Group hires a decker named Yamazaki on the recommendation of Red Rover.
He proves some initial skill by giving the group some intel on the area surrounding the warehouse in question. Some Aztechnology warehouses to the north that are heavily guarded the they need to avoid especially airspace as the Azzies shoot first and ask no questions.

The warehouse is owned by Universal Vision and Audio which is a owned indirectly by Renraku.

Yamazaki continues to earn his fees by learning of the security shift changes at 10 am and 10 pm. In addition, he is able to insert a backdoor into the system. He found a schedule of deliveries over the next week and will be able to move the boxes in question into a pick up that the group will utilize to make it look most legitimate.

Not wanting to to use deadly force unless absolutely necessary, the group acquires two dart pistols with 10 rounds each of narcojet along with 20 does of Neuro stun IX and 6 dose of Neurostun X. Half of the doses of each are in vials for pouring out and half are as capsule rounds for heavy pistols in the group.
Also acquired is an inconspicuous respirator for the person pouring the neurostun into the delivery truck’s cabin air intake.
The plan so far is the following:
1) follow the delivery truck and ambush it using a spirit accident in front, and incompacitating the driver and passenger and taking over the truck.
2) continue to the warehouse with Grok and Karko driving the truck armed with the dart pistols and/or neurostun capsule rounds.
3) obtain the goods plus the extra booty and then transfer to another truck and make delivery to Mr Johnson.

Yamazaki after taking some more time in the matrix system of the warehouse has the following additional information for the group.
1) there are a total of 5 guards on duty in the warehouse. 4 grunts and one captain.
2) collateral personnel includes a receptionist, a manager, and 5 wage slave workers who prep and move around the inventory of the warehouse.
3) there is a panic button at the receptionist’s desk, the security station and the manager’s office.
He should be able to block the outgoing panic button for a period of time if it comes to that but it will not be indefinite.
Lone Star response time in the area is 8 to10 minutes and corporate backup is no more than 5 minutes away.
He has been able to adjust the pickup of the schedule run that arrives at the warehouse at 3 pm on Thursday.there is a pickup scheduled just before and a delivery to the warehouse at the same time as this one that should provide a little extra distraction for security.


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