Shadowrun - Dunkelzahn is dead


Meet Yamizake at Dantes Inferno
Yamizake says Ripley was a former employee of Ares, doing bio research on interfering with eyes and ears
But couldn’t find out more about that research due to nasty black ice
The Mr. Johnson who took Ripley’s stuff works for a Aztech (competitor or Ares).

2 weeks go by before we hear from him again (or before he responds to contacts)
Ripley was unceremoniously fired from Ares for researching unscrupulous things, like magically active toxins
Perhaps an offshoot of the HMMV virus, something specific to trolls

5 days later, text from Red Rover, potential job
Willing extraction, R&D facility in Bellevue, PHD scientist (female), corp is Yamatetsu, working for Renraku
probably ball park of 15KY each
Yankee (Andy/face) requests we set up the initial meet at Penumbra
Standard suit human, flaming red hair, meets us there.
extraction needs to happen within 3 days
We agree to do it
Dr. Sherree Windham: Magically active hermetic mage; chemical engineering/parazoology
Will be carrying a lead lined brief case, imperative.
Strict lock down other than meetings downtown.
Will be heading to one 3 days from now, but the escort will be extremely tight.
But prior to pick up she’ll be waiting in the main level prior to pick up – though how far ahead of time in question.
On the main level she’ll likely be guarded by 2 body guards. SMGs and melee.
Overall bodyguard count… Probably at least 6 on the main floor.
Most of her colleagues are magically active. She’s the head. Her research fellows will not likely put up any resistance.
There is a person above her likely to be magically active.
At least one on-site mage in the security force.
He gives us a data chip with her disposable one shot comm link code, map of the main floor, and comm code for negotiating the exchange
We have 24 hours to figure out what that conversation should be about.
2 floors above ground, 6 below. Her lab is 5 below ground.
Initial offer… 25KY each, 50KY expense account
Negotiated offer… 27.5KY each, 60KY expense account, 7.5KY up front each


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