Shadowrun - Dunkelzahn is dead

Dr. Windham Extraction day 2

A plan develops...

Day 2 – Extraction happens tomorrow

Sent flowers
100 Nuyen
Surveil while she gets them
Baby Finn has drones up

That night
Get a disguise kit – to be Elf poser
100 Y Nuyen
Fashionably late – 9 or 10 pm
Take s little while to find her
She is with a group of 6 girl friends
One friend appears high end poser
Been here a while and need drinks
Yankee finds a table with view of them
Orders drink for self and girls
20 + 60 Nuyen for drinks
She comes over to table
Yankee greets her in Sperethiel
Talk her up
“Would been here sooner but job got in the way”
Recently relocated from Europe
Stories (funny ones) about job in Tir Tairngire
Stories lead to things she might be able to tell about the security
Needs two guards to go to rest room
Shelia introduces Yankee to BFF Barbara
Barbara says the friends are going to Club Penumbra
Shelia stays she’ll stay
Tells of lock down two month ago
She was escorted into security room
Security doors come down
Caused by hacker
Tells of how panic button is now covered
Due to fired receptionist accidental pushing
Guards check deliveries
Yamazaki check on detectors in doors?
We didn’t see any in our footage
She gives comm code

The “Plan”:
Send in flowers with neuro-stun gernades radio controlled
Nom and Grok – One is a trainee
NeuroStun 10 – 8S stun damage – resisted by body
Seven7 – causes 10D physical wounds
Colorless, odorless gas?
Yes, to both
Fast enough?
No, next combat round
Narcojet faster?
Not really
Grenade delivery?
Grok can create an SBD delivery device
Need antidote
Patch at R8
Helps resist Body test target number 2
Nom and Grok will be wearing them when they walk in with flowers
Send in chem suited people to get doctor?
Won’t need to be suited with antidote patches
Tranq patch those in reception?
Yes if need be
Van decorated as delivery van
Prepared to blow doors open if need be
Grok will create 2 shaped charges
Other more quite option?
Grok can come up with thermite / welding strip lock doors
Leading into reception from building x2
Rotating door
Can Yamazaki Loop the cameras?
Depends on whether there is a Spider
There is a security decker
He wants to try to put a backdoor in ahead of time
Tell him about intrusion a couple months ago
Yamazaki found deckers who did a data steal
They purposely hit lock down on their way out
Cyber security has been beefed up a little
One of the deckers said they used a backdoor
It was still there a short time after the hack
Said security inside was still lax once inside
Backdoor was closed later
Reception area
Has metal doors that open into the reception area
Can we spike or spot weld these?
Yes, we can!
Spinning door is glass
Wind Spirit could make door spin faster or slower
We can also spot weld it
Side windows are slightly tinted
Spells can be cast through the windows

Weather should be overcast and cool Shopping List: 60K Y expense acct Getting these items by tonight 3200 Y Antidote Patches R8 x4 = 8 * 50 * 2 * 4 2400 Y Tranq Patches R10 x6 3 for each Grok and Nom = 10 * 20 * 2 * 6 100 Y Flowers 2000 Y Van Decorations – magnetic 2000 Y Welding Strips x6 4500 Y Expendable Spell Focus for Karko R3 = 3 * 1500 Getting these by 7AM tomorrow 7500 Y Bomb equipment – Detonators and such Should be ok time wise = 5 * 1000 + 2500 100 Y Disguise Kit 80 Y Clubbing 21880 Y Total Karko will summon (big) Wind Spirit tomorrow morning


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