Shadowrun - Dunkelzahn is dead

Surveilance and the Call with Dr. Windham

Pre Run2 continued

We figured out the details of “rigging” the Land Rover during our pre-run 2 down time.

At the start of Run 2…

Yamizake contacted to find out what he can.
Baby Finn to do bumblebee with Priscilla overwatch
Karko to do an astral projection sweep

And what we find out:

Baby Finn:
Short drive. Decent size parking lot. Building is circular with two offshoots. Main entrance where the two offshoots come together.
Opposite parking is green space.
No loading dock.
Small windows, don’t open.
Main floor has emergency exits (exit only).
Only the main floor conference, main entrance and cafeteria have large windows.
No equipment type towers on top.
One roof door at center of building.
~20 cars in parking lot. Mostly Ford Americar. One limo. One other.
Main reception has several people. Receptionist. Security guard. At least one other at the time.

There’s a watcher spirit on on the upper floor. Force 1 alarm type spirit.
Both fountains have some kind of spirit presence.
The dotted area on the map, plants have some astral presence as well.
The roof appears to have something living over the entire top.

Yankee contacts one of his people to find out more about the receptionist (Baby Finn provided pic and nametag = Sheila Walters)
Contact says she is not married.
Her picture shows pointy ears but otherwise just appears human (elf poser).

Research facility only. No “product” per se.
Has blue prints, 5 years old. Only show 1 level down.
All the researchers live off site.
Apartments are central above ground.
Most recent job posting a year old. Masters level research lackey. Chemistry, physics and parazoology.
Once Japanese, now Russian held. Fairly tolerant of meta-humans.

Later on gets back to us with more about Sheila Walters…
She hangs out in rough bars, elf poser (for sure). There’s an elf-poser low level go gang she hangs with. Equilibrium club one of her fav spots.

Yamizake suspects that there’s a rigger actively working the building.
The camera’s appear to be panning.

The job posting is still on the matrix.
Grok/Yamizake to work up a fake application for the job trying to get an interview and get on site. Burning his middle SIN for this.

Phone call Qs:

1) How do the sleeping arrangements work? Where? Cattle door thing about? Brief case with her then? Free reign to move about at night? Etc.
She’s on the 2nd floor. Directly over reception/security. Allowed to move around. Fairly free reign. 2nd floor guard station and hourly patrol.
Security on the 1st floor is constantly moving.
Wouldn’t be easy to gather the materials without the briefcase. Won’t get the briefcase until the morning of.

2) Tracking devices on her?
Yes. She has a way to deal with it, but will require assistance. Electronics and first aid.

3) What does she know about the fountains and plants?
picnic area perimeter guarded by plant howlers.
the fountains tie to a natural water aquifer, free spirits live in the water.

4) If we are stuck with the day of, what does she know about her schedule and location for that day?
gets briefcase 8 am
goes to lab
gets stuff, will take 2 hours
gets picked up at 10:30
leaves lab at 10
waits in reception area with 2 person escort plus normal reception guard.
Likely the security mage will be active as well (she tends to be paranoid) has 2 fire 2 earth bound at all times

Jonas could be a problem if he’s on duty (slow processing air locks)

5) Rigger/spider in the building? Where located?
Yes, but no longer employed, the position is “open”

6) Anything else about the magical defenses she might know.
main floor, 8 guards
magic security tighter at night, 1 resident mage, at night 2 spirits (earth, fire), 3 watcher spirits
during the day the watcher spirits are hers.

7) Daily schedule
next two days 10am – 8pm

8) Who’s limo was outside? VP of security was there without her knowledge.

9) Security pick up details, how do they work?
Nightsky pickup with 4 security (2 hers, 2 theirs) and a heavy bodyguard (troll, Charles, symmetrical horns, heavy accent, Italian). Driver/rigger.
With briefcase, also 2 escort cars. Black SUVs Nissan Holden Brumbees, tinted windows. Probably 2 people each.

So the rough plan we come up with is:

Have Yankee try to hit on receptionist at the club, then follow up with flowers “delivered” to her.
Have remote triggerable inhaled neuro toxin planted in the flowers.
Have another delivery mock truck (medical supplies?) return when we see (via drone) Dr. come into the reception area.
Trigger the neuro toxin to knock everyone in reception out as the “delivery” person is approaching.
“Deliver” person walks in and picks up dr. and takes her out. In the back of the truck we wake her up and do the surgery on her hand an leave.


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